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Vienna, Nov 2009 Meeting :: Liberties Alliance

Vienna, Nov 2009 Meeting

Vienna OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on Gender Equality, 5-6 November 2009

Conference information on OSCE website

OSCE Conference Information

Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding Under Fire At OSCE Meeting in Vienna

Inappropriate Use of ‘Hate Speech’ Allegations at the OSCE Gender Equality Meeting in Vienna

Pax Europa at OSCE Meeting in Vienna – November 2009: “Gender Equality and The Threat From Religious Law”

OSCE Gender Equality Meeting: Video of Official Intervention and Recommendation by Pax Europa

“Hate Speech” Accusations at the OSCE Meeting (Gates of Vienna)

“Hate speech” accusations vs women’s rights (Fausta’s Blog)

What is Medica Zenica? (Gates of Vienna)

Report on the OSCE Supplementary Human Rights Dimension Meeting (Europe News)

OSCE Report From Counter Jihad Delegate at Human Dimension Gender Equality Meeting

Report on the OSCE Supplementary Human Rights Dimension Meeting (Gates of Vienna)

At the OSCE: Straight talk about women’s rights in Islam! (Jihad Watch)

No Hijab? That’s Violence Against Women! (Gates of Vienna)

BPE zitiert auf OSZE-Knoferenz aus dem Koran (Politically Incorrect)