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Liberties Alliance https://www.libertiesalliance.org Campaigning against sharia human rights abuses Sat, 25 Jun 2016 18:14:24 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 MODERATE MUSLIMS SUPPORTING DONALD TRUMP TO DEFEAT “RADICAL ISLAM” https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2016/06/23/moderate-muslims-supporting-donald-trump-defeat-radical-islam-2/ Thu, 23 Jun 2016 21:53:11 +0000 http://www.libertiesalliance.org/?p=20567 Mr. Sajid Tarar who is the representative of modern Muslim society in US.

Mr. Sajid Tarar who is the representative of modern Muslim society in US.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump comes under fire for simply stating that “the Emperor has no clothes.” He is regarded by political pressure groups and the media as a danger for having the courage to criticise radical Islam, a toxic topic for all other candidates. He is lambasted by collaborationist media virtually round the clock in order to keep the public in the dark about the real issues and is accused of racism by politicians enjoying enormous funding from Arabs. Meanwhile, the American public is grieving in the wake of the heart breaking attacks in Boston, Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino and Orlando, and they finally hear someone braving the truth: Trump speaks out.

Trump’s reaction was, in actual fact, exactly the same as that of the millions horrified at these planned massacres. It was the inner voice of millions of outraged civilians who can never grasp the logic of murder in the name of religion. Perhaps it was American parents’ instinct to protect their young in the face of danger, no matter what the cost!

The sad reality is that whenever radical Muslims attack anywhere – just as in the most recent massacre in Orlando – the first thing political leaders do is to wax lyrical about the Islamic world, highlighting the alleged un-Islamic nature of terror. It was only Trump who broke the routine a few months ago: unshackled to any lobby or Arab source, he is free to challenge this deafening silence.

Politicians who hide behind the usual shield of democracy have once again set their sights on Trump, accusing him of insulting Islam and Muslims. I, an activist writer and someone who comes from the Islamic tradition, someone raised under Islamic rules, wore the hijab for years, lived in countries ruled by Sharia and interviewed thousands of Muslim women, strongly disagree. Trump is indisputably going to help the future of Islam: today’s Islam is stuck in the Medieval  Ages, still suffering from the incursions of the Crusaders of nearly a thousand years ago and urgently needs reform to bring Muslims into the Twenty-First Century.


Trump could easily be the hope of the Muslims whom he is accused of insulting. All too aware the risks posed to the future of Islam by the politically correct leaders in the pocket of Arab rulers, moderate Muslims around the world have already begun to back the Trump movement that will help them to  drive reform. They include activist Muslim women defending the rights of women, children and gays, in particular, as they fight for women enslaved and oppressed by Sharia, girls of 7 or 8 sold and raped ostensibly as child brides sanctioned by religion and young people executed for being gay. Women activists whose I have personally interviewed in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar concur in their conviction that Trump will help the reform movement in Islam.


Islamic terror feeds on the silence of Muslims and Western political leaders. In other words, keeping silent and avoiding confrontation with radical Islam does not alleviate the problem. Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been silent for the past seven and a half years; how successful has that tactic been in tackling Islamic terror? Their feeble policies beholden to others have only turned the Middle East into an inferno, while secular countries like Turkey were Islamicised. That is why this silence must be broken. We must stand firm as we confront and condemn radical Islam in order to help bring an end to these inhuman practices and murders. The only way to defeat terrorist organisations like so-called ISIS, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra is to speak out, just as Donald Trump has done.

We know by experience that bombs and weapons cannot defeat Islamic terror. Neither American bombs, nor countless lives lost (terrorists and American soldiers alike) helped to eradicate radical Islam in the wake of September 11. That is why the West must abandon this hypocritical policy, stop promoting Islam, and instead denounce radical Islam as a misguided and dangerous ideology. That is the only way modern Muslims can be encouraged to stand against Jihadism. Trump’s unequivocal stand and proposals – yes, even those proposals – to implement a temporary visa ban for Muslims might just be what peaceful Muslims need to distance themselves from the radicals. This could be the wake-up call, an opening move of the first domino in a transformation that will go around the world: REFORMATION.

“Muslim for Trump” campaign is growing every day under the leadership Mr. Sajid Tarar who is the representative of modern Muslim society in US. Assuming that some nine hundred million Muslims around the world believe in peace, it must be beyond dispute that the eradication of Islamic terror will benefit above all these kind souls who are desperately unhappy at the taking of innocent lives in the name of Allah. Why shouldn’t modern Muslims therefore support Donald Trump?


About Rabia Kazan

Rabia Kazan

Rabia Kazan – ICLA Women’s Rights Advocate

Rabia Kazan was born Turkey in 1976. She started her journalism career as a TV correspondent  in 1996  in Flash TV. Then, She became a columnist    In 2000 ,for the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) affiliated newspaper “Ortadoğu Gazete” where she worked there for six years. Then, she founded         the news magazine Haber Revizyon in İstanbul.

 In 2007, Kazan went to Iran and she witnessed child marriages and women trafficking which has been known “temporary marriage” . She wrote a reportage on women condition in Iran ,titled “Tahran Melekleri” (“The Angels of Tehran”), which was about Nikah mut‘ah. Kazan received various threats after her book published . Her book has become a bestseller in Turkey.
In 2008, Ms.Kazan married to Giacinto Licursi who was Italian lawyer , politician and she moved to Roma .During her stay in Italy, she actively promoted “Secularism in Islam” and prevention of “child marriages and woman trafficking” on different platforms including Italian TV Channels.
She had moved to USA in 2010 and worked as volunteer for World Federation of United Nations Associations in United Nations for 2 years.Ms. Kazan decided to remove her hijab in 2012 , which she was forced to wear at the age of seven. She has started working , as women’s rights activist at The International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) , based in Switzerland.
She launched global campaign in 2014 named “This Is Not My Allah” against Islamic Terrorism with Alain Wagner  ICLA president  ( a French political analyst ) in New York.
EU agreement threatens freedom of religion and freedom of the press by censoring critical internet posts https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2016/06/15/eu-agreement-threatens-freedom-religion-freedom-press-censoring-critical-internet-posts/ Wed, 15 Jun 2016 20:45:37 +0000 http://www.libertiesalliance.org/?p=20534 censoredThe EU has just announced an agreement with major internet providers such as Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft under which material deemed to be “hate speech” will be removed from the internet within 24 hours. However, we have serious concerns that the definition of hate speech is so vague it could effectively censor anything deemed politically incorrect, including for example, any criticism of Islamism, mass migration or even the European Union itself. This could have serious implications for Christian organisations such as Barnabas Fund which are reporting on the persecution of Christians, such as converts from Islam.

The new code of conduct has been criticised by some members of the European parliament as “Orwellian” (a reference to the George Orwell’s novel 1984 written shortly after WW2 which describes a future world where people’s lives are closely watched and controlled by the state, which even seeks to enforce an invented language called “Newspeak” to prevent political dissent by eliminating all words related to it).

The code of conduct which was announced on 31st May commits IT companies to work with what it terms ‘civil society organisations’ to flag and remove comments deemed offensive within 24 hours. The National Secular Society has warned that the agreement between the EU and IT companies risks censoring any critical discussion of Islam:

“Far from tackling online ‘cyber jihad,’ the agreement risks having the exact opposite effect and entrapping any critical discussion of religion under vague ‘hate speech’ rules. Poorly-trained Facebook or Twitter staff, perhaps with their own ideological bias, could easily see heated criticism of Islam and think it is ‘hate speech,’ particularly if pages or users are targeted and mass reported by Islamists.”

It added that:

“The agreement comes amid repeated accusations from ex-Muslims that social media organizations are censoring them online. The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain has now begun collecting examples from its followers of Facebook censoring ‘atheist, secular and ex-Muslim content’ after false ‘mass reporting’ by ‘cyber Jihadists.’ They have asked their supporters to report details and evidence of any instances of pages and groups being ‘banned [or] suspended from Facebook for criticizing Islam and Islamism.'”

There is an enormous danger that this new code of conduct will be misused to undermine freedom of religion and freedom of speech. It will effectively allow Islamist organisations to tell IT companies that any material critical of Islam – including that relating to conversion from Islam or persecution of Christians by Muslims is “offensive” and must be immediately removed. The implications of this are chilling.

The origin of this policy appears to have been an EU Colloquium on Fundamental Rights which was set up in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. This colloquium was to have focused on protecting freedom of speech and freedom of the press, instead it ended up focusing on combatting “Islamophobia”.

By adopting this policy the EU is therefore restricting freedom of the press, something that has existed as a historic national value in countries such as the UK for over 300 years. It is giving Islamic organisations the power to censor any online comments critical of Islam, including those discussing the rapidly spreading persecution of Christians in Muslim majority contexts. Even worse it is doing so not directly, in a way in which it might perhaps be held to account by the electorate, but via commercial companies.

The latter is particularly significant as there have recently been significant concerns raised about both political bias within search engines such as Google and censorship of internet posts by Facebook. In September 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was overheard on a live microphone confronting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on what he was doing to prevent criticism of her open-door immigration policies.While award winning Arab journalist Khaled Abu Toameh who works for the Jerusalem Post had his Facebook account suspended after he wrote about corruption in the Palestinian Authority. Abu Toameh believes that Facebook censored his account in response to complaints from anti-Israel activists.

To put this new EU regulation into some historical context. In 1694 the UK parliament effectively ended press censorship by not renewing the 1643 licensing order that allowed search, seizure and destruction of all books deemed to be “offensive” to the government. The EU is now effectively reintroducing online press censorship – with any posts deemed offensive by either itself or the staff of internet companies being destroyed.

This poses a significant risk to both freedom of the press and freedom of religion, including potentially our ability to write about the causes of Christian persecution in Muslim-majority contexts.

Source : https://barnabasfund.org/news/EU-agreement-threatens-freedom-of-religion-and-freedom-of-the-press-by-censoring-critical-internet-posts

ISIS Pressure on Human Rights: Dangerous Developments in Pakistan https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2014/11/12/isis-pressure-human-rights-dangerous-developments-pakistan/ https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2014/11/12/isis-pressure-human-rights-dangerous-developments-pakistan/#comments Wed, 12 Nov 2014 19:33:10 +0000 http://www.libertiesalliance.org/?p=19932 Our friends in Pakistan at the FarrukhSaif Foundation made us aware of the following developments in Pakistan. These developments have huge implications for human rights in the Indian Subcontinent in particular. They are also likely to have a broader strategic impact that will likely have human rights implications across a much wider area.


 photo FarrukhSaif-Foundation-Feature_zps8491f626.jpg

Ready or not they are coming: By Farrukh Harrison Saif

South Asia: Pakistani intelligence agencies have warned the provincial governments and other law and enforcement agencies regarding the mounting threat from the ISIS militants. Recently a secret document was leaked in which Pakistani Agencies were sending information about the ISIS (Daish) activities in Pakistan.

According to the letter, dated 31st October, Daish or ISIS has recruited 10,000 to 12,000 fighters from the Hangu district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Kurram tribal district in FATA. In that letter it is also mentioned that ISIS has offered some banned Islamic organizations like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) and Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ) to join hands in Pakistan. Both of these organizations are Anti-Shia like ISIS. ISIS (Daish) has also formed 10-members Strategic Planning Wing, which will target the Army installations in Pakistan as Pakistani Army is working hard to eliminate these terrorists from the North of Pakistan.

Moreover, Pakistani Military Intelligence revealed that there are more than 370 ISIS terrorists in Pakistan and the majority of them have made their strongholds in Karachi and Southern Punjab.Different media groups are revealing that hundreds of Islamists are joining ISIS in Punjab and currently five top ISIS commanders have shifted to Lahore from Karachi and all of them are Australian Nationals.

Pakistan is currently going through the hard time in its history , religious extremism is at its height and if, as with this situation, terrorist organizations like ISIS made their strong hold in Pakistan, then religious Minorities and Moderate Muslims will be in great tribulation.

Altaf Hussain, the Chief of MQM, is the only person who raised this issue in public on the same day when this report was leaked.

A few weeks ago six of the top Pakistani Taliban’s commanders announced that they would ally with ISIS. Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said that he, along with five other commanders, has accepted the leadership of Al-Baghdadi, chief of the Islamic State or ISIS or IS. He further stated that he will obey all the orders of Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi by any means.

Shahidullah further stated that:

“ Mullah Fazlullah will support ISIS but he still owes adherence to Mullah Omer, the chief of the Afghan Taliban, who is aligned to al-Qaeda. Whereas I and my other five associated commanders have accepted the leadership of Al-Baghdadi. He also announced the names of his associates who joined ISIS, Orakzai Agency Chief Saeed Khan, Kurram Agency Chief Daulat Khan, Khyber Agency Chief Fateh Gul Zaman, Peshawar Chief Mufti Hassan and Hangu chief Khalid Mansoor”.

Less than a week after Taliban spokesmen announced their loyalty to Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, another associated group of Al-Qaeda namely Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) announces their joining with ISIS as well.(IMU, is an Uzbek-led militant group of Central Asians).

The IMU leader Usman Ghazi, in his official statement greeted ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi’s decision to declare a caliphate. In this same statement he congratulated all Muslims with the restoration of the long-awaited Islamic state.As ISIS is getting control in major cities in Syria and Iraq, most of the Pakistani, Afghani, Arab as well as Uzbek fighters have started thinking to join them.

Even in September John Simpson (World Affairs Editor of BBC News ) wrote in his article that “Fighters from a militant Islamic group in Afghanistan, allied to the Taliban, have told the BBC that they are considering joining forces with Islamic State (ISIS).

This has also been observed that hundreds of fighters from Pakistan and Afghanistan joined ISIS through Saudi Arabia. ISIS is getting favor around the world as in the war to become the superpower in the world of militancy, ISIS appears to winning the hearts and minds of a new generation militants with its ruthless quest for the Caliphate, theatrical territorial gains and persistent propaganda.

The new generation of militants appears to be more involved in action than lectures. Al Qaeda soldiers from around the world are joining ISIS. As for them Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is fighting against the apostates and establishing a new Caliphate.

If the Pakistani and Afghanistan Talibans and mainstream leaders of Al-Qaeda network joins ISIS then Pakistan will be in terrible situation. Liberals, moderates and minorities  in Pakistan will be cut into pieces by these monsters, just as  happening in Syria and Iraq . Furthermore minorities may be forced to pay the Jizzya or provide their wife or daughter as booty to Jihadists and moderate Muslims will be forced to give their daughters as well for Jihad-ul-Nakkah. We all know that Pakistan has been home to International terrorists including Al-Qaeda and the Talibans. Even the mastermind of 9/11 was arrested in Pakistan and Bin Laden, the head of Al-Qaeda was killed there. Militants were kept as an important component of Pakistan Foreign policy. Many Islamist militants were created and controlled by the Pakistani authorities. Even Former Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, and Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf, had to admit that terrorist outfits were “deliberately created” and looked after by previous governments as a policy to achieve some short-term strategic objectives.

In the 1950s The Pakistani government started inserting Islamists  associated with  Jamaat-e-Islami into Afghanistan. In 1974 Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto created an organization  to manage and control dissident Islamists in Afghanistan. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto instructed the Army Intelligence of Pakistan to begin organizing an Islamist resistance into manageable groups.

When General Zia ul Haq seized power in Pakistan in 1977, he made every possible effort to make Pakistan a pure Shariah state. However he began pressing the USA for the support as the Soviet Union became more violent in Afghanistan.

After 1982 American and Saudi money was flowing like water into Pakistan and hundreds of madrasas were established around the country to train and welcome the Mujahideens from all over the world. By this time Jamaat-e-Islami became important in the promotion of the new political Islam in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This entire situation created unrest in Pakistani society. Christians and other religious minorities were caught in a grave situation, with gory incidents occurring. A wild wave of sectarianism had overwhelmed the society; religious intolerance is suffocating the lives of Innocents.

Religious extremism has grown beyond all proportions; If in this situation where Christians, Shia and other minorities are persecuted every day in Pakistan, if control is established by the ISIS, then Christianity and other religious minorities will be cast out of Pakistan just like they have been in Syria and Iraq.

It’s a time to decide this land called Pakistan is safe for our families? Even this is the responsibility of International community to Stand with the Persecuted religious Communities of Pakistan before it too late.

https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2014/11/12/isis-pressure-human-rights-dangerous-developments-pakistan/feed/ 2
Rabia Kazan Speaks About Her “This Is Not My Allah” Campaign https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2014/11/10/rabia-kazan-speaks-allah-campaign/ Mon, 10 Nov 2014 19:58:47 +0000 http://www.libertiesalliance.org/?p=19930

“This Is Not My Allah” Global Campaign – Coverage of the Press Conference https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2014/10/25/allah-global-campaign-coverage-press-conference/ Sat, 25 Oct 2014 10:24:00 +0000 http://www.libertiesalliance.org/?p=19896

The Campaign Page can be found at: http://www.thisisnotmyallah.com/


Other coverage:

Standing Up To Islamic Extremism


New York’da terörizme karşı kampanya


New Yorkta terörizme karşı kampanya başlatıldı


New York’ta terörizme karşı kampanya başlatıldı


New York’ta “This is not my Allah” İsimli Kampanya


New York’da terörizme karşı kampanya – Aktif Medya


New York ta Terörizme Karşı Kampanya Başlatıldı


Moslims tegen ISIS: “Dit is niet mijn Allah”


New York’ta terörizme karşı kampanya başlatıldı


Harvard Club in New York Cancels “This is Not My Allah” ICLA Press Conference with Rabia Kazan on October 15th New Venue: The Hilton Times Square


This is Not My Allah! New Location for 10/15 Press Conference Featuring Rabia Kazan


Do Sharia Teachings Need To Be Moderated In Order To Protect Women? https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2014/10/22/sharia-teachings-need-moderated-order-protect-women/ Wed, 22 Oct 2014 20:34:28 +0000 http://www.libertiesalliance.org/?p=19894 Alain Wagner, ICLA’s chairman, asks for a strict control of muslim teaching facilities and for a ban on sharia teaching activities. Working session 9 : “Violence against women and children” 26 September 2014.

The International Civil Liberties Alliance wishes to emphasize the particular need for the participating states to ensure the protection of women and children from vulnerable groups who often are unable to enforce their rights due to their confinement in close-knit, closed cultural communities.

Yesterday we mentioned the case of Muslim women and children in the UK who suffer from the activities of Islamic Courts, but you also have the obligation to expand the subject to problems of Muslim educational institutions.

Some anti-democratic Muslim organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood or others who receive funding from countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, use the guise of religious freedom to open schools with educational activities. These organizations that disseminate discriminatory doctrine against women and non-Muslims and are generally incompatible with respect for individual freedoms, often are not subject to any serious control. As demonstrated by the total absence of screening of educational content of such organizations in OSCE participating states.

The example of textbooks, discovered by chance in the UK, teaching children how to cut off the hands and feet of thieves, within a Muslim school receiving state subsidies, is absolutely typical of the current degree of negligence.

Physical abuse is one thing, but one should not forget the devastation caused by moral violence. Muslim women are the first victims of the organizations that promote the respecting of the fundamentally discriminatory rules of Sharia.

All OSCE participating states committed to the eradication of discriminatory practices against women and young girls should have as the core principle the prevention of the development of educational institutions disseminating the principles of sharia. But that is currently not the case.

Whether due to intense pressures exerted by the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, or because of a poor understanding of sharia and its manifestations by the authorities of the member countries, the fact is that our duty to protect muslim women is clearly not fulfilled.

The mere fact that the promotion of Islamic headscarves in some religious educational institutions is considered only in the aspect of an individual statement of confession, without ever considering the fact that the wearing of such is linked with the principle of the sequestration of women when they do not wear it, nor ever considering that behind this phenomenon, there is often a promotion of a political agenda shows the inability of participating countries to deal knowledgeably when they try to protect muslim women. And that is just one example among many.

Recommendation to participating states :

Establish educational charters prohibiting the dissemination of the promotion of sharia and incentives to abide by its rules in all institutions with educational activities.

Develop and implement educational programs for young children from at-risk backgrounds to promote the concept of equal rights between the sexes and the right of women to assert their choice against discriminatory community standards.

Call for Jihad to be Recognised as a Crime Against Humanity https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2014/10/22/call-jihad-recognised-crime-humanity/ Wed, 22 Oct 2014 19:50:30 +0000 http://www.libertiesalliance.org/?p=19892 Alain Wagner, ICLA’s chairman demands jihad to be recognized as crime against Humanity.

Working session 13 : “Tolerance and non-discrimination II” 30, September 2014

Religious intolerance can lead to war. The Islamic state’s creation in Syria and Iraq causes a contagion effect much farther than its own frontiers. Within OSCE countries, since many years, some Muslim organizations disseminate a doctrine glorifying and praising jihad.

Instead of being prosecuted as they normally should be, those organizations are recognized as partners by participating states. Sharia proponent organizations which glorify the criminal concept of jihad, are destroying social cohesion and make possible the appearance of Jew hunters as we’ve experienced in France and Belgium. They also make Islamic fighters recruitment more easy in our countries.

If they really want to uphold their commitments to fight against hate crimes and incitements to violence, participating states have to send a clear message to hate preachers and to firmly repress their activities. Military jihad concept has to be clearly identified as a crime against Humanity as defined by the Statute of Rome, chapter 2, article 7.

ICLA’s recommandations for OSCE:

Participant states must integrate in their hate crime legislations, new provisions criminalizing any apology of military jihad or of any jihadist’s feat of arm.

Participant states must aswell criminalize any public exhibition of the black flag of jihad, the white caliphate flag and the Islamic state’s flag as incitement to hatred and violence.

Those hate symbols have no place in the streets of countries forbidding incitement to violence.

ICLA Applauds Former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din For His Recent Remarks on the Importance of Establishing a Civil State in Iraq https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2014/10/21/icla-applauds-former-iraqi-mp-ayad-jamal-al-din-recent-remarks-importance-establishing-civil-state-iraq/ Tue, 21 Oct 2014 19:30:49 +0000 http://www.libertiesalliance.org/?p=19889 ICLA is concerned about the negative impact sharia law can have on human rights. It made this point at the recent OSCE Human Dimension meeting in Warsaw, Poland. Its intervention was delivered in French but is now available with English subtitles in the video below:

In the video below former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din seems to be expressing similar concerns to those that ICLA has been voicing. He suggested the importance of man made law (secular law) as an alternative to Islamic law (the fiqh). ICLA applauds him for his comments and suggests that Western governments take note of his words when they make plans to confront ISIS in Iraq and Islamism more generally. Ayad Jamal Al-Din is a man that they should be listening to as well as organisations like ICLA that have been making these points for many years.

The following video of Ayad Jamal Al-Din’s remarks was posted by MERMRI TV:

Mothers to Oppose Radical Islam and Sharia at Speakers’ Corner, London, UK – Sunday 19 October https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2014/10/18/mothers-oppose-radical-islam-sharia-speakers-corner-london-uk-sunday-19-october/ Sat, 18 Oct 2014 15:28:30 +0000 http://www.libertiesalliance.org/?p=19879 Marble Arch - a landmark close to Speaker's Corner.

Marble Arch – a landmark close to Speaker’s Corner.

We have just received news that Anne Marie Waters, Director of Sharia Watch UK, will join principled speakers on Sunday 19th October to support Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia.

Anne Marie said:

“Extremist Islam represents a grave threat to the safety and freedom of women, as does the political correctness which allows some men to get away with crimes against women, simply because the authorities don’t want to cause offence.  It is up to women to stand up and demand that our freedom and safety are not compromised by our leaders in the name of political correctness.  It is also significant that we are doing this at Speakers’ Corner, the home of British free speech, as we demand the right so speak our minds and tell the truth about the menace of radical Islam and sharia in our society”.

ICLA wishes those that attend this important event at Speakers Corner every success with their efforts tomorrow.


Some video footage from the lively (in the best tradition of Speaker’s Corner) event (WARNING: some explicit language):

“This is Not My Allah” ICLA Press Conference In New York With Rabia Kazan – Video https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2014/10/17/allah-icla-press-conference-new-york-rabia-kazan-video/ https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2014/10/17/allah-icla-press-conference-new-york-rabia-kazan-video/#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2014 13:29:28 +0000 http://www.libertiesalliance.org/?p=19843 Hilton Time Square, NEW YORK, 15th OCTOBER 2014.

Rabıa Kazan, author and women’s rıghts actıvıst ın cooperatıon wıth Internatıonal Cıvıl Lıbertıes Allıance ıs launchıng a global campaıgn agaınst radıcal ıslam. ‘Thıs ıs not my Allah’ campaıgn aıms to reach moderate Muslıms and help them to voıce theır condemnatıon of vıolence ın the name of relıgıon.

https://www.libertiesalliance.org/2014/10/17/allah-icla-press-conference-new-york-rabia-kazan-video/feed/ 6