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Two forms of film activism. :: Liberties Alliance

Two forms of film activism.

By • on June 2, 2009

Here is a rough outline of two formats for spreading information to a sleepy public on the nature of the Jihad and the west. The first is the more ambitious one but it is a lot less intimidating and less effort than it appears at first. So do read through it and think about whether or not this suits you or someone or some group of friends you know. The second, is something anyone with a TV and a case of beer can do on their own.

The first one is based on an Ottawa Canada group called Free Thinking Films society. They rent a theater and purchase license agreements for films that simply would never make it into a normal theater. The Free Thinking Film Society has shown Obsession, Radical Islam’s war with the west as well as ‘What Black Men Think, a really excellent film dealing with myths within the black American community about itself and Indoctrinate U, about how far left US universities have gone. Free Thinking Films typically rents a large nice theater in a building such as the National Archives or a public Library which usually have the projection and audio equipment as part of the rental agreement, then get in touch with the film producers to arrange a license to show. This part sounds complex but usually its as easy as a google search and an email.

Most documentary film makers who do films which are factual but unfashionable are desperate to find venues. They will likely answer you fast and offer you a few for licensing which is reasonable and with a bit of hard work you should be able to recoup at the door. With more work, you may even make a few dollars. Something you can bank towards bigger projects. For example, the excellent film ‘Media Malpractice’ which FTFS is showing June 15th 2009 was made by the man being arrested in the film clip below.

I think it is a safe bet that he would work well with anyone wishing to show his work. There are a large number now I’m pleased to say of films about Islam and the west, any of which is an excellent tool for bringing people into some understanding of what we face today and our place in history. I will recommend a few here.

Islam: What the West Needs to Know, Trever Spencer’s film featuring interviews with Ba’at Ye’or and Robert Spencer among many many more extremely qualified people who explain the situation in a way that I believe the majority of people out there, even the left and multicultural minded (but not far left agenda driven) would accept understand and begin to think differently about immigration and so on.

Farewell Israel: This is a very well done and highly academic film. Even though the movie is long, the pace is fast as the maker (Joel Gilbert) are trying to give 1500 years of history in two hours. In this movie, the maker explains that because Israel, which has a fundamentally western and liberal view of the world, is doomed to fail as a nation because they cannot understand the Islamic mind set and way of ‘negotiating’. This movie is backed with a great deal of unimpeachable fact and if anything, gives more latitude to Islamic history than I think it deserves. So one cannot be accused of the usual things by presenting this movie. It was made by a man who has at least one degree in Islamic history.

Obsession: Radical Islam’s war with the west. This movie was perhaps the first large budget well made documentary about Islam, some of it’s history and thinking and relationship to the western world. The same group also made the also excellent film, ‘The Third Jihad‘ which while it has garnered some controversy even within ‘anti jihad’ circles is also an excellent tool.

The three disc series The Path to 911 is really superb. A dramatized version of events based on the 911 commission report. It is however crucial that you get the disc with the scenes that Bill Clinton forced ABC to remove, restored. I have this version and its so good, you cringe at the idea that it might be over.  This is likely too long though for a theater. This would be a better film for use in the second idea….

A box of cheese and a case of beer.

Ideally, one or more of you out there is willing to try this idea:

Invite 5 friends over to watch a film with you. Supply some wine or beer and some snacks and discuss the movie afterwards. Take the person who is the most moved and effected aside after and make them a copy of all these movies I mentioned and or others, and have them invite 5 others over to see these at their home. I think this could really help spread some of this information. The list of rourceses grows by the month and once people begin to understand the situation, they will be eager to see more material. Robert Spencer has a great list of documentaries as well as the ones I mention here. Please feel free to visit the movie page of my blog as I have many of these films as well as others on that page available for streaming now, any of which may make great movie nights for yourself and a few friends.

Please also feel free to get in touch with me with any questions or ideas and I would be happy to help anyone get any of the films I have access to as well.