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Thilo Sarrazin Receives 2013 Sappho Award :: Liberties Alliance

Thilo Sarrazin Receives 2013 Sappho Award

By • on May 18, 2013

ICLA was present at the 2013 Sappho Award event and captured some excellent video footage.  This year’s award went to former Bundesbank Executive Board member Thilo Sarrazin.  Mr Sarrazin has been a critic of Germany’s immigration policy and is author of Deutschland schafft sich ab (Germany Abolishes Itself).

The first video below shows Lone Nørgaard, board member of the Danish Free Press Society, explaining why the German Social Democrat Thilo Sarrazin deserves the 2013 Sappho Award, and richly so, for telling the truth about the problems that immigration are causing in Germany.

The second video shows Mr Sarrazin’s speech.  The third video shows the press conference.

The text of the Thilo Sarrazin’s speech can be found at the Sappho website.

Credit: Video Recording and Production by Henrik Raeder Clausen.