Victims of Sharia (VOS) Observatory Launched By International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA)

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Victims of Sharia (VOS) Observatory Launched By International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA)

Basel, Switzerland, 1 May 2013.  Today ICLA has launched the Victims of Sharia (VOS) Observatory to document human rights abuses resulting from sharia principles.  Sharia is a threat to basic human rights in Muslim majority societies and non-Muslim societies alike.  VOS will form part of the Brussels Process which was launched in the European Parliament in July 2012.

ICLA representative Chris Knowles said:

“The need for the Observatory has become very urgent.  Sharia apologists increasingly occupy positions of power in the West and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation seeks to use its position of influence in the UN to demonise the victims of sharia.  Serious human rights abuses are being ignored or condoned as a result.”

The Observatory will monitor reports from around the world and collate the information on the ICLA website so that the problem can be clearly seen.  The information will then be used to lobby governments, international agencies, and other opinion formers for appropriate changes in policy.

VOS Observatory will report on a monthly basis and also produce an annual report in early January of each year.  The first monthly report will be for April 2013.

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