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Victory! – Political Prisoner Sri Tapan Ghosh To Be Released By West Bengal :: Liberties Alliance

Victory! – Political Prisoner Sri Tapan Ghosh To Be Released By West Bengal

By • on March 23, 2013

India-Flag-Justice-with-borderNews has reached us from India (1) that Hindu Human Rights Activist Tapan Ghosh is to be released from his political imprisonment.  This follows international pressure by groups such as the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) and International Unity For Equality (IUFE) as well as due to pressure from within India itself.

We wrote about his arrest and imprisonment without bail in an article that we published on 18 March.  Hindu Samhati (3) reports that he has been granted bail.  It now seems that the pressure from human rights activists around the world has shamed the authorities in West Bengal to finally grant him bail.

We must see his release as a great victory for human rights but we must continue to monitor the situation closely since he is still at the mercy of a potentially biased judicial system.

Anti-Sharia campaigners around the world are harassed by representatives of the state.  This is why ICLA believes that the right to oppose sharia needs to be specifically incorporated into international law.

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(2) Anti-Hindu Oppression in West Bengal – Tapan Ghosh Locked Up Without Bail (ICLA)

(3) Sri Tapan Ghosh is Released (Hindu Samhati)