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Gender Segregation Is Embraced In The New Britain :: Liberties Alliance

Gender Segregation Is Embraced In The New Britain

By • on March 19, 2013
Is the legacy of the Suffragettes in danger in modern Britain?

Is the legacy of the Suffragettes in danger in modern Britain?

Political correctness has crippled the moral fibre of the British People and as a result Britain has become a morally degenerate society.  The society that was once admired around the world for its freedom, tolerance, fairness, and its sense of justice is now the husk of its former self.  New Britain is a fearful place where people are afraid to speak their minds, it is a corrupt place, and it is a place that is led by feeble and unimaginative people who lack the most basic moral courage.

This sad state of affairs was reflected in a recent article by Steve Robson that can be found at Mail Online (1).  In the article it is reported that Prof Lawrence Krauss, who previously was an advisor to President Obama, suggested that people in Britain were too afraid of offending ‘vocal and aggressive’ Muslims.  This situation is the legacy of political correctness and the severe punishment that those who transgress its diktats can receive.

Therefore, in New Britain gender segregation is not just tolerated it is promoted and indeed enforced.  Political correctness means that people who question such arrangements are perversely called Nazis, bigots, xenophobes, far right, and other synonyms for evil.

If Islam critics are guilty of focusing exclusively on the intolerant aspects of Islam its apologists cherry pick anything that they can find that make it look like the ‘happy-clappy’ almost secular religion of the Church of England.  The trouble is, such people are often our policy makers who legislate without considering the whole reality.  Only injustice triumphs when you can’t contradict the rose tinted imagined reality of policy makers by pointing out that gender apartheid is wrong.  The so-called progressives have gone full circle.  They were once the champions of equality and freedom, now they are the defenders of inequality, injustice, and discrimination.  New Britain is sharia compliant and as a result discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, and belief are, sadly, inevitable.

Based on policy and practice in the United Kingdom, gender segregation is becoming an accepted and ingrained part of society.  Sharia compliance and true equality for women are mutually incompatible, and to pretend otherwise endangers the legacy of those who have struggled for gender equality and social justice.

(1) Brits are too polite and scared of offending ‘vocal and aggressive Muslims’, claims former Obama adviser (MailOnline)