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Canning Riots 2013: Persecution of Hindus In West Bengal :: Liberties Alliance

Canning Riots 2013: Persecution of Hindus In West Bengal

By • on February 24, 2013
A Pogrom of Yesteryear – A depiction of Hep-Hep Riots, Frankfurt, 1819
A Pogrom of Yesteryear – A depiction of Hep-Hep Riots, Frankfurt, 1819

The Canning Riots took place in Canning in the Indian State of West Bengal on 21 February 2013. (1) It is clear from the reports that the motivation for what was effectively a kind of pogrom was religious intolerance.  The reports create a similar picture to the Hepp-Hepp Riots (2) against Jews in Frankfurt in 1819 that is depicted in the picture above.  An article on the website of Organiser (3) a well-established newspaper opens as follows in relation to the events in Canning:

“A well organised and meticulously planned attack on Hindus unleashed havoc in different parts of Naliakhari area under Canning PS in the South 24 Paraganas district of West Bengal on 19/02/13.”

It went on to suggest a definite religious motivation for the acts of violence and disorder that took place.  The article goes on to report about the looting, the arson, the wilful destruction of property, and the desecration of temples and religious idols.  It referred to inaction on the part of police who were on the scene and the silence of much of the established media.  The reaction of the authorities and the press shows much similarity to what often happens in Western countries.  Read the Organiser article HERE.

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NDTV reported that as many as 200 homes had been burnt down during the riots. (4) Struggle for Hindu Existence (5) reported on a subsequent demonstration that took place in Delhi to protest about the events in Canning.  Video from the aftermath of the riots can be found on the Struggle for Hindu Existence website (6) together with an English language transcript. The following is the video:

These riots come as Islamists lobby for a second partition of India to create an Islamic super state called Mughalistan that would incorporate Pakistan, Bangladesh and a swathe of territory currently part of India that would physically join Pakistan together with Bangladesh. BengalGenocide.com shows a map that illustrates the geographical form that Mughalistan, would take. (7)  Of course the creation of Mughalistan would be nothing more than a religiously inspired land grab.

It could be argued that what is happening in places like Canning is attempted ethnic cleansing of the Hindu populations to make way for the dream of Mughalistan.  Government response to ethnic cleansing should be firm but it would appear that the state government of West Bengal is being very casual in its response.  The response of the authorities to the Canning Riots in 2013, seems to be very similar the attitude of authorties with regard to the Hepp-Hepp Riots in 19th Century Frankfurt.  Perhaps the authorities have a hidden agenda of their own?

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) of course has been remarkably silent about the religious persecution evident in the 2013 Canning Riots.  The OIC it must be remembered is supposed to be the conscience of the world when it comes to standing up to religious intolerance.  The reality of course it that OIC talk about religious freedom is nothing more than the total freedom that they want to expand the reach of the unjust and iniquitous system known as sharia law.  Of course it is likely that the OIC is more excited by the prospect of a Mughalistan than it is about the suffering of Hindus and their right to peace, security, and dignity.

The International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) calls upon to Government of the State of West Bengal and the National Government of India to act to prevent the persecution of Hindu’s in West Bengal.  ICLA also calls upon the OIC to demonstrate its sincerity with regard to protecting religious freedoms.  It could do this by condemning the actions of those who attacked the Hindus of Canning.  If the OIC is unable to do this then it is quite clear that the OIC is not interested in religious freedom and that its efforts in the United Nations and elsewhere are merely a sham intended only to expand the reach of sharia.

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