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We Stand With Lars – Website In Support Of Lars Hedegaard Launched :: Liberties Alliance

We Stand With Lars – Website In Support Of Lars Hedegaard Launched

By • on February 8, 2013


A website in support of Lars Hedegaard, the free speech campaigner who was recently the victim of an assassination attempt has been set up.  The site which is called We Stand With Lars can be found at http://larshedegaard.info/en/

The creation of the site was announced as follows:

“A new site – www.larshedegaard.com – has been set up to keep track of news on Lars’ assassination attempt and the police investigations. The site is open for comments and we are welcoming words of encouragement and support from all corners of the world. Please ask everyone to visit http://larshedegaard.info/express-your-support-here/ and express their public support.

A primary focus of the site will also be to garner support for Lars and Ingrid’s work on Dispatch International – in that regard the site is offering up for sale Honest Press Certificates, numbered and signed by Lars himself, issued directly to the buyer – please see http://larshedegaard.info/get-honest-press-certificates/. These certificates are becoming a “part of free speech history” and is a perfect vehicle for supporting one of the only newspapers in the world speaking the truth – get one now before they run out since only 1,000 has been printed.”