ANNOUNCEMENT: International Civil Liberties Alliance Launches German Section – ICLA Deutschland

By • on December 6, 2012

The International Civil Liberties Alliance has now launched a new German section – ICLA Deutschland.  A new website has been created that will be a German language site concentrating on German issues.

The website can be found HERE or by clicking the image below.

This new initiative assists us with one of our key organizational objectives – to encourage international cooperation for the protection of Liberty which is covered by item 10 of our mission statement:

(10) International Cooperation for Protection of Liberty

Supporting grassroots groups, individuals, and other organisations committed to protecting individual liberty locally, nationally and globally. Lobbying governments and international organisations to develop legislation and codes of conduct to prevent stealth or open undermining of these liberties, as well as the human rights violations that would inevitably follow from the destruction of our civil liberties.