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Oriana Fallaci Memorial Events Begin Today in Florence, Italy :: Liberties Alliance

Oriana Fallaci Memorial Events Begin Today in Florence, Italy

By • on September 15, 2012

People are arriving in Florence for events surrounding the annual Oriana Fallaci Memorial conference.  A ceremony in honour of Oriana has already taken place earlier today at her graveside in the Cimitero Evangelico degli Allori.  The ceremony was presided over by Père Samuel who spoke at our conference in the European Parliament back in July.

Graveside of Oriana Fallaci

Human rights activists from around the world will be present at a related conference.  ICLA has sent delegates to help promote the Brussels Process that we launched in the European Parliament back in July.  Freedom is under increasing threat especially in freedom’s heartland – the West.  Conferences like this one are increasingly necessary to ensure that important issues are not brushed under the carpet by those powerful people who have a vested interest in kicking the most important concerns into the long political grass.

Oriana Fallaci was a veteran in the cause of freedom and was involved in Italy’s anti Nazi resistance during World War 2.  This did not stop critics who would not have dared to stand up to real Nazis from calling her a Nazi because of her concerns about Islamic extremism and the spread of sharia philosophy.  After the 9/11 atrocities she wrote two bestselling books in relation to her concerns – The Rage and The Pride and The Force of Reason. She was persecuted for these efforts in a way that has now become familiar to other pro-freedom activists in Europe, where true freedom of expression already appears to be a distant memory.

It is highly appropriate for human rights activists to be assembling in Florence.  Firstly it is the anniversary of Oriana’s tragic passing (yesterday) – she was a resident of Florence, and secondly it is in a place that was the capital of the Renaissance.  The Renaissance was a time when Western Civilisation rediscovered its classical roots and made huge artistic and cultural strides forward.  Today the Western world is desperate for a new Renaissance following years of misrule, moral relativism, and self destructive cultural Marxist thought.  Its institutions have become ineffective and corrupt, its laws are being subverted and its culture is being deliberately marginalised.  In the last 500 years, the West has never been in greater need to rediscover itself.  That rebirth might be hastened by the efforts of those gathered in Florence today.

The Renaissance was made possible in large part due to the migration of refugees from the fall of Constantinople in 1453, people who wanted to escape from the inequalities and indignities of sharia.  Like those who love freedom today, those refugees did not want to live under the yoke of sharia compliance.  That same love of freedom is what has brought people together in that great city today.

Today it is the not fall of an important city that has brought people to Florence, but a potent political attack on the philosophical cornerstone of our civilisation – Freedom of Expression.  This time it is not the Ottoman Turks who are attacking freedom, it is the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation who rather than using the Great Turkish Bombard to bring down the walls of freedom are instead using the Istanbul Process.  But the walls may be damaged but have not fallen yet – there is still time.

The Brussels Process is the antidote to the Istanbul Process, but it requires all defenders of freedom to come together and work together against the OIC and its attempts to enforce sharia compliance. The Brussels Process aims to:

1)      Educate and inform the public to ensure that laws that undermine our freedoms are repeals and laws that enhance it are enacted.

2)      Demonstrate that sharia compliance is against human rights and should not be embraced when human rights decisions are being made.

3)      Encourage human rights practitioners to consider rulings such as that made by the European Court of Human Rights in 2003 which said that Sharia is incompatible with democracy.

4)      Create a framework for individuals and organisations to stand up and protect liberty from the sharia threat.

You don’t need to work directly with ICLA to be involved in the process but ICLA would like to work with you if you share our values.  You just need to be committed to peacefully opposing the OIC’s efforts to subvert human rights.

Oriana Fallaci 29 June 1929 – 15 September 2006

Rest In Peace

More information about the conference will follow shortly…


We now have some photographs from today’s conference:


By EDL Buck on September 15th, 2012 at 13:23

Well, the film was good, and the fact that people still remeber is also. I like the way she was describing herself as adversorital. This we must respect an emulate. She had lived through “interesting times” as the chinese say. So do we. Yes we need a cultural rennasance again, political correctertness has cut the balls off the middle classes. That and uni education led by left wing scum who should know better. Freedom of expresion is indeed the very thing our grandparents fought for during the 2 world wars, they didn’t expect their grandchildren to be paying for the invations/colonisations of our lands! Trouble is most people who are asleep today are like grumpy teenagers in the morning, ie: don’t want to be woken up, they have mortgauges and kids and don’t want to rock the boat. They will do anything to prevent themselves for being woken up, just like teenagers. Uni’s infantalise our potentially greastest minds with there marxist/ trot bullshit so they can stay asleep untill it’s too late. I am thankfull I couldn’t afford to go to university as all my friends who did go to a man, woman tranny , intersex (sorry I just came over all Monty Pythons “Life of Brian” then, are leftie scum). And don’t even get me started on the OIC cunts with their 10 year plan!