ICLA’s Chris Knowles Speaks To Michael Coren About Been Sacked By Leeds City Council For His Political Beliefs

By • on August 8, 2012


By A Brien on August 8th, 2012 at 14:21

The first I knew about this case was when I watched Look North this evening. Chris was until recently the clerk to the governors of a school where I am chair. He has always done a good job and has been an excellent clerk. He has never brought his political views into meetings and when he suddenly stopped servicing our governing body, I thought he was ill, as he had looked quite stressed. On several ocassions the Governors asked for their good wishes to be conveyed to him. If I had to make a judgment about him from his appearance, I’d say he looked like a trendy leftie.
I write as someone who intensely dislikes racism. I defend the right of anyone to belong to a lawful political group that acts within the law.
As a retired solicitor who has dealt with many tribunal claims, I would say that unless Chris has expressed political or racist views at work, and been warned not to do so but persisted, then LCC had no grounds for dismissing him. Likewise, unless he expressed views outside work that brought LCC, his employer into disrepute, then they had no grounds to sack him. As I was unaware of any of this, or of his views, this seems unlikely. He seemed a very private, inoffensive person who kept his views to himself.