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Yet Another Example Of Official Sharia Law Enforcement In The United Kingdom :: Liberties Alliance

Yet Another Example Of Official Sharia Law Enforcement In The United Kingdom

By • on March 14, 2012

An article on the Telegraph website highlights an apparent desire at senior levels in Government to prevent Christians from wearing crosses and crucifixes in the workplace because they are not “required” by their religion.  However, there are still people who doubt that sharia law is being actively enforced in the Western world in countries like Britain even though incontrovertible evidence is available right before their eyes. Undoubtedly, and paradoxically, many will point to human rights as the reason for such a restriction of human rights.  People have worn Christian religious symbols for thousands of years without it affecting their ability to engage in gainful and productive employment.  So what has changed?

In modern Britain the full power and majesty of the state prevents you from speaking your mind or expressing your faith outside the strictures of sharia.  Christians are persecuted and free speech is outlawed and punished, people are imprisoned, lose their jobs, and are demonised when they engage in non-sharia compliant activities.  Sharia law is therefore effectively already the law of the land in Britain.  You can say anything or believe anything so long as it is ‘consistent with sharia’ and some are definitely more equal than others under sharia law!  Justice and freedom are now decaying ruins on the landscape of Britain.

Under sharia you have a stark choice between conversion to Islam or accepting a humiliating second class status that is secured by paying Jizya protection money! If you opt for a third option of accepting neither then you have no rights, no status, and no protection.  This choice is called tolerance by many misguided fools in the West who constantly carp on about the wonders of Al Andalus!

Britain has already created an atmosphere for the imposition of sharia law, Ministers are now actively fighting to introduce sharia laws one law at a time, in this case beginning the process of officially outlawing the open practice of non-Islamic religion.  In countries like Saudi Arabia that are under full sharia law it is illegal to openly display Christian symbols and to practice the religion openly, and it is a very serious offense to try to convert Muslims from Islam.

Allegations of police harassment of Christians when they were preaching in a ‘Muslim area’ of Birmingham illustrate the sharia atmosphere in Britain – people have the perception that preaching Christianity is a hate crime because it offends Islamic sensibilities.  If what the Christian’s are saying is true then enforcement of sharia rules is being officially enforced by agents of the British state. Of course it could be said that opposing Christian proselytization is a ‘requirement’ of the Islamic faith just as specifically wearing a cross or crucifix is not a ‘requirement’ of the Christian faith!  However, since proselytization is a requirement of the Christian faith it is quite clear that it is sharia and not what is religiously ‘required’ that determines the way people are allowed to conduct themselves in Britain.

The campaign against the open practice of non-Muslim religion was given momentum following the atrocities perpetrated on 11 September 2001 and the cynical invention of the term ‘Islamophobia’ by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Rather than accepting the reasons stated by the perpetrators themselves, self flagellating Western elites instead turned on their own people and traditions and used it as an opportunity to attack freedom itself.  In their eyes the attacks had nothing what so ever to do with the interpretation of Islamic religious texts, but everything to do with Westerners not showing the necessary level of servile respect towards Islamic teaching and beliefs.  As a direct result of the attacks on 9/11 Western governments responded by introducing sharia compliant legislation to ensure that Islam was accorded the respect that it demanded for itself.

Due to the inordinate power that Islam now has due to aggressively lobbying by powerful bodies such as the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and the possible influence of petrodollars from the Middle East to subvert our political system and constitutional safeguards specific legislation is clearly needed to ensure the separation between mosque and state in Britain.  It is time for the British Government to represent Britain and the British people and not the interests of the barons of globalisation and their Islamist allies who lurk behind the scenes in corridors of power.