More Intolerance Toward Moderate Muslim Ahmadiyya Sect – Mosque Attacked In West Java

By • on February 21, 2012

In January we reported on the plight of Ahmadiyya Muslims in Kirklees in the United Kingdom.  We would now like to show how the intolerance toward this peaceful Muslim group is more general, and indeed perhaps a global phenomenon.

The People of Shambhala website has recently drawn attention to the attack on a mosque used by Ahmadiyya Muslims in West Java, Indonesia.  It seems that the attack was motivated by a feeling of intolerance from the surrounding orthodox Muslim community who do not regard Ahmadiyyas as proper Muslims.  Quite what gives one group of Muslims the right to judge another is unclear, but we are familiar with persecution of what one group regard as heretics from our own European history.

Those who campaign against the imposition of sharia norms on Western societies are frequently accused of seeing Islam as a monolith – something that is clearly not the case.  However, it seems that those who judge some of their coreligionists as heretics actually want to make Islam into a monolithic culture.  The hypocrisy of Islamist rhetoric, that seems to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, is clear for all to see.

We call upon Western Governments to provide greater support and encouragement to minority Muslim groups, such as the Ahmadiyya in their jurisdictions, who genuinely support peace and tolerance.  Such governments should avoid policy making which gives comfort to those who want to persecute such groups.  Moderate Muslims as well as liberal Islamic reformers deserve the support and encouragement of those with political power.

More information about the The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community can be found HERE.