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One Law for All Free Expression Day of Action Rally to Take Place on 11 February 2012 :: Liberties Alliance

One Law for All Free Expression Day of Action Rally to Take Place on 11 February 2012

By • on February 2, 2012

The International Civil Liberties Alliance would like to take this opportunity to endorse an important rally that is to take place on 11 February 2012 at 2pm at the Old Palace Yard which is opposite the House of Lords.

One Law for All is an organisation that has supported The Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill sponsored by Baroness Caroline Cox Bill and should be commended for this and be worthy of the gratitude of all people who value the most basic, though most vulnerable, of our traditional freedoms.

We have seen the acquiescence of the political class to endorse the Islamist interpretation of Islam and to undermine the liberal movement and its courageous advocates within Islam.  It is vital that liberal Islamic reformers are supported by our Government and by the general public.  Supporting sharia finance is to support Islamist interpretations because even Al Azar University, according to Patrick Sookhdeo’s book – Understanding Shari’a Finance: The Muslim Challenge to Western Economics, suggests that sharia finance is unnecessary and that pious Muslims who endorse it are effectively been led astray.  In the United States a group called American Islamic Forum for Democracy are showing the way for other liberal Islamic reformers.  This group should be emulated across the world.

Instead of endorsing Islamist interpretations of Islam, the Government should be standing full square behind those courageous individuals who are willing to stand up to the extremists.  The utterances of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the former Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips, did such a disservice to moderate Muslims in Britain who were standing up to the extremists.  These pillars of the Establishment should be ashamed of the damage that they have done to Moderate Islam in Britain.

Furthermore, the elite of the European Union who have agreed to host the next meeting of the ‘Istanbul Process’ or as it is more commonly known – the ‘Campaign Against Free Expression’ are effectively acquiescing with the expansion of sharia principles in the United Kingdom.  The Organisation of Islamic Co-operation which is responsible for United Nations Resolution 16/18 has serious persecution issues to address in its own member states before it lectures the world.

It is vitally important that all those who share One Law for All’s objectives and values participate in this significant demonstration in the cause of freedom.  Freedom of expression will be lost if people do not take the opportunity to stand up for it.

The International Civil Liberties Alliance believes that the approach that One Law for All is taking with regard to this is issue is commendable and worthy of support and encouragement.


By dr3kst0n3 on February 6th, 2012 at 23:49

que piensan hacer ahora?