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How Pandering To Sharia Norms Is Undermining The Rule Of Law In Great Britain :: Liberties Alliance

How Pandering To Sharia Norms Is Undermining The Rule Of Law In Great Britain

By • on May 24, 2011

If the rule of law is to mean anything then the law needs to be applied evenly.  If people are treated more harshly because they are not Muslims then the law is visibly being brought into disrepute by the very people charged with upholding it.  Look for example at EDL activists who are victimised by the authorities, while Muslim activists are allowed to participate in similar activities without interference.  We have seen British police chased by Muslims on the streets of the capital, and we saw how police looked on while Islamic activists made threats outside the Danish Embassy in London during THIS demonstration.  There is no longer any pretence of equality before the law in Britain.  Just like under sharia law non-Muslims are treated as second class citizens, and just like under sharia Muslims get away with things that would never be tolerated from infidels.

There are still people out there who laugh at those who are worried about sharia in Britain.  They say there are no plans to implement sharia law in Britain and that such fears are unfounded.  However, the reality of the situation is that sharia is already being enforced in Britain, but without actually calling this enforcement sharia.  The gullible and the stupid only believe that sharia can be sharia only if it is called sharia.  If sharia is called an Act of Parliament these buffoons will accept it as an ordinary British law even if in practice and in effect it is sharia.  There a many examples of sharia law in Britain, and if this can happen while Islam is a minority religion, what will happen if current demographic trends continue?  Here are just a few examples of sharia law enforcement in Britain:

The list could go on and on, yet people still say that sharia is no threat to Britain.  The same patter can also be demonstrated in other countries across the Western world.

Sharia is already in Britain and people have the right, and if they believe in the continuance of democracy the obligation, to oppose it.  Sharia deniers as well as those who are actually enforcing sharia under a different name are effectively undermining the rule of law and equality before it.