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Threat Posed By Radical Islam To Danish Civil Society :: Liberties Alliance

Threat Posed By Radical Islam To Danish Civil Society

By • on April 28, 2011

The video below shows Nazi salutes from Muslims in Denmark and covers the issue of a mosque part funded from Iran, a county that freedom lovers are fleeing from thanks to the Islamic dogma that rules that particular society, and how non-Muslims are forced out of areas by Islamic violence.  Unfortunately, those fleeing radical Islam are now finding it in the places they are fleeing to, places like Denmark.

Thanks to the red carpet treatment provided for Islamists by well meaning but deluded people who are incapable of extending their outlook beyond the memory span of a goldfish, once stable countries are being transformed into Islamist hell holes.  Those who are inviting Islamists to their countries and tolerating their divisive and destructive activities seem incapable of analysing the likely effects of their own actions or learning from the lessons of history.

It seems that the entire world is in the process of being dumbed-down to the level of Islamic practices that have no place in civilised societies.  Basket weaving do-gooders champion the cause of Islamism and the virtues of Islam while at the same time undermining the West and its traditions from within.  The West is tolerant and progressive, but ‘progressives’ now seem to favour the backward and the intolerant baggage that accompanies the norms of sharia.

Those who oppose sharia in the West are demonised, ostracised, and persecuted, whilst those who promote it are celebrated and empowered.  Surely it is time for public displays in favour of sharia, and initiatives to promote it, to be seen for what they are – acts of sedition and therefore very serious crimes.