Persecution Of Christians In Post Jasmine Revolution Egypt: Events In Mokattam

By • on March 12, 2011

It appears that post Jasmine Revolution Egypt has already begun its journey towards sharia law and the persecution of non-Muslims under that system.

Western leaders are deluding themselves if they believe that recent events in North Africa will usher in a golden age of democracy to the region.  We are already witnessing the true face of these revolutions.  In Egypt Coptic Christians are being persecuted as would be expected in a country that is moving towards the cold embrace of Islamism.

What is truly frightening is that Western leaders are indeed stupid enough to support the rise of Islamism in the region to match their programmes of Islamisation at home.  The current level of political ineptitude of Western leaders is truly unprecedented.

The following video includes some eyewitness testimony about atrocities in Mokattam.


There is more information about the events in Mokattam in the description that accompanies the video.

The example of the Koran clearly demonstrates how things change when Islamists move from minority status to political power.  The suras revealed in Mecca when Islam was small and weak are more conciliatory than those revealed in Medina when Islam had gained political power which in many cases are marked by brutality, intolerance, and extreme violence.  Check this out for yourself and look up the concept of abrogation.  Are we seeing this today as the Muslims Brotherhood increases its influence and power in Egypt?

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