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The Double Standards In The Netherlands :: Liberties Alliance

The Double Standards In The Netherlands

By • on February 25, 2011

On the 24th of February Tzahal the music band of the IDF gave her 3rd concert in the Netherlands this year. A concert that was made possible by Christians for Israel. Anja Meulenbelt [1] pre-emninent anti-Semite and member of congress for the socialist party SP saw this series of concerts as a good excuse to disturb and ruin the otherwise pleasant night out for guests with her childish behavior.

Particularly interesting was that on the the 24th of February she was assisted by a group of neo-Nazis. Indeed, normally the SP finds no shame in calling Israel the new nazi-Germany like so many other ultra leftwing networks in the Netherlands do. Though the SP sees no harm in representing the interests of people who would like to see the state of Israel annihilated and the Jews exterminated. A while ago Harry van Bommel [2] from the SP had proven himself solidary with Palestinian terrorists in the good company of Greta Duisenberg [3]. This movie shows how Harry van Bommel calls for an intifada (holy war) and even when it becomes obviously apparent that his fellow demonstrators are not only interested in a Palestinian state but also in the total annihilation of the Jewish people (in the background the crowd yells ‘Hamas, hamas, Jews should be gassed’) this wasn’t reason enough for Harry van Bommel to stop his march.

Though the SP had always denied that they meant it this way and Harry van Bommel has had his slap on the wrists by Agnes Kant from the SP [4]. That this is all a charade also becomes pretty obvious when Anja Meulenbelt accepts assistance of neo-Nazis on the 24th of February. She allowed for the neo-Nazis to share her slogans.

‘Shame, shame, blood on your hands’, was sung by SP-members, pro-Palestinian demonstrators and neo-Nazis, but hey who can tell the difference anymore?

Earlier that week, us of the Dutch Defence League also attended a concert of Tzahal, but because we didn’t want to claim the media-attention that the concert had brought we kept a low profile and just sat in the audience. We did however respond to the calls of Ben Kok [5] and utmost sympathetic Judeo-Christian pastor who fights for the interests of Jews and Christians in the Netherlands. Too bad we weren’t there when the neo-Nazis were; I would have loved to ask them a few questions on the matter. A friend of ours however was there that day and when he told the neo-Nazis they should go home, they mocked the Jewish people saying ‘You don’t have a home, you don’t have a country.’

This probably made the day for Anja.

The link between Islamism and Nazism is controversial; it is one of the reasons why Geert Wilders [6] has to face trial in the Netherlands. Specifically the comparison of the Qur’an and mein Kampf, but how unfair is that comparison? Surely anyone who has read the Qur’an can testify to the fact that is full of anti-Semitic texts? How coincidental is it that Hitler was very popular at times in the Arab world? How coincidental is it that certain divisions of the SS consisted entirely of Muslims? And the fact that German soldiers of SS were allowed to practice Islam under Hitler? The fact that grand mufti Mohammad Amin al-Husayni [7] received a considerable salary from Hitler’ Germany and that he was allowed to brainstorm alongside the Germans in attempts to exterminate Jews all over the world?

Untill recently people found it laughable when others saw links between the scriptures of Islam and Nazism and people that warned about it were easily called bunkers or worse; racist. But on a day like the 24th of February it becomes clear once more that it might become ever more hard to deny. It is the double standard of the Netherlands and at the same time a paradox, if you think that every culture and religion is equal do you allow for a culture or religion to want to exterminate others or at least wish for the complete subordination of other cultures and religions? If you’d ask a typical Dutchman this in the context of Nazism, you’d get an immediate and resolute answer ‘No!’, but if you’d ask this in the context of Islam, everybody becomes timorously quiet. Whoever dares to criticize Islam is called racist or xenophobe invariably, but the racism or xenophobia in Islam we don’t mention.

Shirai, Dutch Defence League