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Nazis, Commies And Islamonazis Unite Against Israel In The Netherlands :: Liberties Alliance

Nazis, Commies And Islamonazis Unite Against Israel In The Netherlands

By • on February 25, 2011

IMPORTANT: Also see ‘The Double Standards In The Netherlands’

It seems that the left has done what we always suspected they were doing, they have linked up with with Nazis and Islamonazis on the same platform.  The following story was first published over at Tundra Tabloids which includes images from the protest:

The Netherlands: Nazis, Commies And Islamonazis Gather To Protest Israeli Army Band…….

It’s the convergence of the hard Left that supports the eradication of the Jewish state of Israel, as they turn out in their many flavors to protest an Israeli dance and song group.

The text on the black flag [see photo at Tundra Tabloids] reads: “BrotherHood Drecht-cities”, Drechtsteden is a collections of cities ending on-Drecht. They are clear[l]y a Neo-Nazi group.

According to Timo:

A christian group, Christians for Israel, organized three benefit concerts here in Holland with cooperation of the Israeli army band, Tzahal. Anja Meulenbelt, (pic. left with stinky Arafat) a socialist senator of the SP party, called for a counter protest, together with some pro-Palestinian groups, one of them is called Sabeel (meaning “The Way” in Arabic).

We went to the first demo to see what would happen, there was a second concert yesterday in Groningen, but not much spectacular happened there. In Dordrecht, Sabeel showed up for the protest, some time later a group of neo-Nazi’s showed up as well.

In the video [see Tundra Tabloids] you can hear one group chanting: Israel Schande Schande – Bloed aan je handen,  it means : Israel Shame Shame – Blood on your hands . You obviously here two different tones : meaning both groups singing the same chant, when the neo-Nazis sing the leftists even whistle along!