Ethnic Cleansing In Luton?

By • on January 15, 2011

It seems that Luton Borough Council is already whining about the prospect of the EDL exposing its failed approach to running the town on 5 February. THIS letter that the Council has written to the Home Secretary shows how keen they are to cover up their failure.

The presence of a high numbers of demonstrators supporting rival and diametrically opposing views is not conducive to the wellbeing of our community and has the potential to spark tensions and community impacts which as a Council we have worked so hard to avoid in recent years.

It doesn’t appear that the Council’s ‘hard work’ has met with very much success. It is time for the Council to stop harassing the English Defence League and do its job. It is time for the Council to recognise that Luton has problems, problems that are exacerbated because they are brushed under the carpet. Luton is getting bad coverage in the media because it has been made into a hell hole by political correctness and pussyfooting round the issues. The EDL has recognised problems in Luton, but its concerns have been completely ignored by local officials, in fact their attitude has been to demonise the messenger. It would appear that the ‘hard work’ has merely consisted of papering over the cracks, denying that a problem exists, appeasing vociferous minority groups, and demonising anyone who speaks out to say that this policy has failed.

The following video shows how attempts appear to be being made to drive people out of certain areas, allegedly for ‘racial’ reasons. However, given the nature of some of Luton’s problems could it be that the reason is not racial but religious or ideological?


  • urban11

    I thought Terry Jones had been “uninvited” several weeks ago. I hope the march is well attended. Perhaps someone could extend an invitation to all Millwall FC fans.

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  • Luton is just the tip of the iceberg – towns the length and breadth of the country face the same battle. The politicians are in denial and appeasement of a radical minority is the best they can come up with.

    The people in Camberley are fighting to stop a huge traditional mosque from being built at the gates of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, on the site of a Victorian school built on land given by the RMA. It is almost impossible to believe, but the MOD have been silenced, and are not allowed to object to these plans – despite the fact that the proposed mosque will have minarets 100 feet tall, which will overlook the parade ground of the Military Academy. Britain is fast becoming a lost cause!

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