The Paris Manifesto – December 18, 2010: Manifesto From the Counterjihad Conference in Paris

By • on December 20, 2010

The following manifesto is from the Counterjihad conference in Paris on 18 December 2010.

See more about the conference at Bivouac-ID.

The Paris Manifesto – December 18, 2010

The conference on the Islamization of Europe that took place in Paris, December 18, 2010, is a founding act. For the first time, speakers from across Europe have gathered to denounce the Islamic conquest happening on our continent.

Following these meetings, the 32 parties, organizations, associations, information sites and blogs that have supported the initiative agree, beyond their differences, on a common manifesto:

• We protest against the aggressive proselytizing of Islam, against the occupation of public space for Muslim prayers, against the funding of its worship places with public money, against the proliferation of halal food, against the status of women in Islam, which is the opposite of our principle of gender equality and, more generally, against any advance of Islam on European soil;

• We reaffirm against the Islamization of Europe our unwavering commitment to our millennia-old civilization, its values and traditions;

• We invite all people of Europe and the world to safeguard the future of our children and grandchildren by standing up against all attempts to replace their countries’ laws, fruits of their history and guarantees of their social equilibrium, by foreign and incompatible rules;

• We urge them to defend European citizens’ right to free speech, free debate and free vote on the subject;

• We encourage them to pursue their political or editorial actions to oppose the increasingly numerous demands of Islam as they would any form of totalitarianism;

• We urge them to reject sectarianism or jealous claims in the fight against Islamization, considering that disunity would be criminal to the people and to the homeland.

We invite everyone to join an association or a party that participate in this fight, according to his own philosophy, and to build links between individuals, groups and countries in order to create strong networks. Only thus will they be able to resist the Islamic, sexist and homophobic totalitarianism which seeks, by demographics and intimidation, to eradicate a humanistic civilization. We reject obscurantism, superstition and blind obedience of man to unworthy and deadly precepts.

On this day, we started a free association of independent organizations. We are a team. We have a fight. Today we are launching a European resistance movement based on the defense of our civilization against a new totalitarianism.