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Attempted Disruption of European Freedom Initiative (EFI) Demonstration In Amsterdam :: Liberties Alliance

Attempted Disruption of European Freedom Initiative (EFI) Demonstration In Amsterdam

By • on November 1, 2010

Revolutionary left and Ajax hooligans tried to disrupt EFI demonstration and showed that they were the source of security concerns and not the counter jihad. Elsewhere a van carrying EDL leaders was attacked and damaged by those intent on provoking violence. It is very clear that the press focus on violence and make it appear that it is the counter jihad who are provoking it. In reality, the revolutionary left provokes violence when ever individuals or groups disagree with it on political issues.  We saw it in 1917 and we see it on our streets today.


The following video shows an exchange of views following the attempt of an infiltrator to the demo to tear the microphone away from one of the speakers.


The following video shows footage of the attack on the EDL mentioned earlier. As usual, it was not the counter jihad that resorted to violence and intimidation but the revolutionary left and their associates.  In part of the footage you hear one EDL opponent call them Zionists, presumably in reference to the EDL’s support for Israel’s right to exist.


It seems that Holland has a serious problem with regard to the revolutionary left, a problem that those who hold political office in Amsterdam are unable or unwilling to deal with.  Much was said in the media to demonise the EDL as violent and disruptive when in actual fact violence tends to come from leftist radicals who hate our society and its liberal traditions.  The EDL came to Amsterdam with other members of the European Freedom Initiative counter jihad coalition.  The leftists, Islamists, and Ajax hooligans came for violence and to intimidate those who favour enlightenment values, the rule of law, and equality under the law.  When will a majority in the mainstream media begin to be balanced in their coverage of the counter jihad, and stop demonising and dehumanising its activists?