International Alliance to STOP Sharia Launched in France

By • on July 9, 2010

An international alliance to stop sharia has been launched in France and which is supported by the International Civil Liberties Alliance.  We urge people to join this important alliance. The following is from the Alliance’s Website:

You can also join the Alliance here :

Charter of the Nations rejecting Sharia


We, free organizations and free citizens, who assume all responsibility for our actions; in the name of and for the preservation of the values of freedom, separation of church and state and respect for others, present in the European Concention of Human Rights, a cornerstone of our democracies; hereby solemnly denounce the presence and introduction of Sharia law in our territories.

The signatories of the charter refute any accusation of racism or xenophobia. To condemn Sharia is a political and social action, which in no way concerns the character of individuals or their person. Sharia, which, by classifying and ranking human beings depending on their religious beliefs or their gender, and by declaring parts of humanity impure and inferior, amounts to an unacceptable system of religious sexism, racism and xenophobia.

Sharia, which intends to govern individual and collective behaviours under the threat of spiritual or physical punishment on behalf of a religious belief, is a set of rules which fundamentally violates the constitutional freedoms and human dignity of our citizens, by trying to persuade them to abjure their inalienable rights in favor of a degrading servitude.

We, the undersigned, in light of the fundamental incompatibility between Democracy and Sharia law (1), hereby declare it to be undesirable in our respective countries and call upon all citizens and organizations to support this proclamation and to work together in defense of our fundamental liberties and human dignity.

We commit ourselves to preserve and defend our fellow citizens and our societies from Sharia and to work for its definitive banishment by all means in our possession, within the limits of the law and democratic principles.

We commit ourselves:

+ To promote in our respective countries the passage of laws forbidding the teaching of the rules of sharia as well as the promotion or propagation, public or private, of their individual or collective application as norms of conduct.

+ To promote in our respective countries effective educational, legislative and repressive measures designed to eliminate social practices linked to the application of the rules of sharia

(1): Judgment of February 13, 2003 by the European Court of  Human Rights(*) of Strasbourg concerning sharia :

“The Court concurs in the Chamber’s view that sharia is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy, as set forth in the Convention(**).Source alinea 15 on this page:

 (*) The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights the supreme instance in decisions concerning human rights; the signatories of the Convention are bound by its decisions.

(**) The European Convention of Human Rights, ratified by the European states has force of law in all the countries of the European Union.

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