Is Islam Threatening Dutch Values?

By • on March 28, 2010

A very interesting melange of clips showing Islamic intolerance of Dutch values, freedoms, and journalistic traditions. The Dutch are now living in, or well on the way to, a sharia state. Some of those interviewed are complaining about how it is inappropriate to mock their so-called prophet who Muslims consider to be the perfect man and a person to emulate. Perhaps they themselves need to show some respect for Dutch values such as freedom of speech before they demand the respect of others. Why should the Dutch respect the beliefs of those who do not appear to respect their most sacred traditions? In any case if this man, Mohammed, is a role model for people in the Netherlands today then it is in the public interest that his character and conduct be scrutinised in the most detailed manner possible. After all, actors, football players, and other celebrities who are also role models are scrutinised and criticised when the example they show is bad. To assess whether Mohammed is a good or bad role model, it is necessary for people to learn more about him and that will inevitably involve criticism and mockery if his example was bad.