Sound Money: The Forgotten Civil Liberty

By • on January 3, 2010

Based on the policies of various Western Governments it seems apparent that the international elite that control and manipulate our democracies are bent on imposing Islamisation on our countries.  It would appear that Islamisation is part of the process of robbing Western publics of their democracies and their civil liberties.  Islam could be described as an authoritarian religion and perhaps our rulers therefore see it as compatible with their goals.  Who knows what goes through the minds of megalomaniacs determined to return the Western world to a more authoritarian form of government!

One of the ways that the usurpers are managing to maintain control is by controlling our money in such a way as to hide their economic mismanagement and corruption.  The international elite is using ‘Rule by Treaty’ to bypass proper democratic scrutiny.  Rule by Treaty coupled with a shadowy elite controlling and manipulating our money is undermining the basic units of democracy.  Western nation states are the bedrock of democracy and those who want total power see them as an obstacle to be undermined and destroyed.  A world increasingly structured according to the globalised interests of Davos Man is increasingly one that is neither democratic nor legitimate, and one that tries to mask dire economic reality as the transition to authoritarian rule takes place.

We can also see that the members of Davos Culture are increasingly pro-Islamic via their apparent support for Sharia finance.  It appears that there is a confluence emerging between Davos Culture and Islamic Culture.  Authoritarian finance is being coupled with an authoritarian religion for a reason we can presently only guess at.

Sound money is important to civil liberties because it ensures that elites with authoritarian tendencies are unable to manipulate economies by debasing the value of currency.  We are returning to a world of princes who are able to cover up their economic misdeeds at the expense of the public welfare.

An interesting book that illustrates the importance of sound money is “What Has Government Done to Our Money?” (also see).